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Something vibrated on the bedside table. The rhythmic sound stirred the sleeping form from his slumber. He opened his eyes and blinked the haze away as a shrill ringing erupted from the vibrating cell phone. Groaning, he reached over and grabbed the phone, tapping answer and pressing it to his ear.
“Adrian,” an urgent voice said. “There’s an ambulance on its way to your house. Critical condition. I don’t think she’ll live without your help.”
His words banished the sleep from Adrian’s mind and he sat up, alert. “ETA?”
“Fifteen minutes. She might not make it, Adrian.”
“We’ll see about that. I’ll be ready.”
He hung up the phone and got off his bed. Crossing the room, he fetched a t-shirt and a pair of jeans from his closet and got dressed. His footsteps echoed in the silent hall as he descended the wooden staircase. Adrian fetched a glass of water and downed it swift
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-Contest- Christmas Advice
My great-grandfather used to tell me, "Don't chase after trees because you'll only end up with a sky in your head." I never quite understood his advice until one Christmas, I was gardening with my best friend Anna. All of a sudden, we found an underground tunnel! It was quiet and spooky sounds came from deep within. Anna saw something interesting inside, jumped in, and I never saw her again. Great-granddaddy was right!
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A Journey -FFM 4-
Journeys never end. They begin, they continue, and they evolve. But they never end.
People say that to journey, you must travel from place to place, from city to city, and from home to home. People say that you must experience professions, friendships, love, and heartbreak. Without that, you have never journeyed. Most people focus too much on the material things – wealth, power, and property.
They forget about the spiritual journey.
They forget about life.
A man stands at the edge of a cliff and watches the sun rise above the horizon. Its golden glow creeps higher, sparkling off the dew of plant life. Below the cliff, natural forests stretch towards the sun, towards the horizon. The forests encompass the cliff like a natural preserve.
Behind him, a woman steps out of the lone cabin, large enough for no more than three people. Her steps lead her towards him until she stands beside him and catches her gaze with his.
"Must you go?"
He sees her eyes, blue like the purest sky, refl
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Revenge -FFM 3-
Screams tear from the woman's throat. She runs, glancing over her shoulder; she stumbles and falls. Whimpers erupt from her pitiful form as she rolls onto her back. Her hands and legs propel her backwards in a violent struggle for survival.
I follow, soft steps echoing in the alleyway. The same place it happened. Where she sinned. She knew I would come – knew it was only a matter of time. How could she not?
Her heartbeat races. I can sense it, see the fear in her eyes.
Now, she would know how my sister felt. How the young girl I cherished – and still do – spent her final moments. In fear. Begging and pleading for her life. Crying out for someone, anyone, to help her.
No one did. When the cops arrived, she was already gone.
I raise my arm and cock my head to the side. The cold metal in my hand fits along my palm and numbs my skin. My index finger wraps around the pistol's trigger and I take extreme care to aim right, gaze locking onto the middle of her forehead.
Her moss
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A Brutal Choice -FFM 2-
"Would you kill to save a life?"
Zali clenched her right hand until the hilt of her blade dug into her skin. Her gaze observed the man who spoke and she stepped to the side, shielding the young boy behind her with her body.
"I have killed for far less than saving lives. Money, food, jewels – my life," Zali said. "A life seems like fair payment to add to that list."
"So you would switch sides again." Karle stretched his arm towards her, a curved blade in his hand. "He has nothing to offer you, cannot pay you."
"Should something happen to you, he will be the future king." Her feet led her closer to him. "He will grow older, learning and knowing about the woman who saved his life and whom he is indebted to."
"That is what you want?" Karle shook his head, expression dark. "You know you cannot defeat me."
Her lips curled into a bitter smile. Invisible creatures crept towards her, hidden from the light, thriving in the shadows. They granted her power and she accepted it, allowed the ten
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Revelation -FFM 1-
Cobblestone paved a path through the core of the village. Hundreds of footfalls wore down the moon-lit street and told the tale of merchants, citizens and festivals that took place in the past. Silence veiled the streets, broken by the whisper of the wind.
Zali strode through the city with soft, calculated steps. The darkness wrapped around her like a cloak and she moved with confidence, unseen and unheard by the villages in their homes. Dirt replaced the cobblestone as she turned onto a smaller path and moved farther from the center of the village.
Research led her to that village. Rumors amongst the people told her that her target was near, most recently in the small village she found herself in. Her hand shifted to her waist, touching the rough hilt of a blade, hidden in a sheath. Whispers led her further down the dirt paths, promising her that the man she sought was near.
She rounded a corner and distanced herself further from civilization. Scattered homes decorated her surrounding
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-Poem- Saiyan Pride
A bundle in his arms,
a child at his side;
a daughter and a son
from which he cannot hide.
Born with human blood,
yet half a fighter's soul,
the father struggles hard –
to accept that they aren't whole.
A powerful race, lost,
no women left to mate;
he found an earthling girl,
bound to him by fate.
Physically weak.
Mentally strong.
Saiyan blood tainted,
which he knew all along.
Disgust faded away,
emotions never lied;
his life on Earth began
and changed his Saiyan pride.
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-Poem- A Pharaoh's Throne
A single throne of times of old
hides the tale of stories told.
An ancient battle with the thieves
scarred the pharaoh; he cannot leave.
Egyptian Gods aid in the fight,
then leave the pharaoh with their plight.
Hidden deep within the sand:
A village, burned into the land.
A memory of a horrid time,
when his father committed crime
and purged the village of all life,
except for one – filled with strife.
Trapped inside a puzzle of gold,
the pharaoh lived, plagued by cold.
Memories vanished from his mind,
bound within the passing time.
Millennia later, a gifted teen,
solved the puzzle and felt serene.
He freed the king and together, they,
dueled the enemies and saved the day.
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Werewolf's Lair -0-
Pale light reflected off the surface of the water. A half-eaten orb shone in the sky and its light returned to it upon making contact with the liquid. The water lay calm and the night was silent. A young woman sat on the lakebed and stared up at the sky; peace washed over her, a sensation she felt only in short bursts.
She hadn’t properly felt it in years.
Twirling a pebble between her index finger and thumb, pale green eyes scanned the surroundings. A clearing with a lake; trees stood tall and proud around the water’s edge and formed a protective wall. A barrier. It gave her a sense of security. So long as Paige remained inside the natural barrier, nothing would harm her.
She long learned never to trust the idea of safety.
A frown twisted distaste to her expression and she redirected her gaze to the mirrored moon on the water. The reflection shifted and rippled as something moved close to the surface – a movement quick and strong
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Inferno's Touch -0-
"You are putting yourself in danger."
A metal door screeched in strain as a slim-fingered hand pushed it open. Sunlight streamed through the fluffy white clouds as a human form stepped onto the roof. The young woman walked forward, remnants of snowy patches crunching beneath her grey and purple sneakers. Squinting at the light, she moved to a nearby ladder and clung to it. Chills raked her body, igniting where her skin met the frosty metal.
Arriving at the top of the small overhang, the woman kneeled at the edge; the undisturbed snow clung to her jeans. Crisp winter air nipped at her cheeks and fingertips, furthering the cold that plagued her. Her soft breaths became water particles in the air and her thin spring jacket did little to protect her from winter's remnants.
"Ann, you know what will happen if you continue."
Ann unfurled her fingers from the large bag she held in her left hand and set it on the cement platform. She unzipped it and pulled the contents ou
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Fella's Birthday Haiku
Pandas love the cute
guy. Fella dreams of his day;
eleventh birthday.
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-Poem- A Tomb Keeper's Trial
Deep beneath the sun-kissed sand,
generations live to take their stand.
The guardians of secrets old
await the day that they'll be told.
A childlike boy begs for a life
far away from family's strife.
To soar the winds and feel the sun
once ancient promises come undone.
A fateful day changes it all;
the young boy pains and takes the fall.
Carvings deep within his skin
torment him; he cannot win.
Evil claims his weary mind,
leaving joyous thoughts behind.
Though the dark says it's too late;
his sister tries to change his fate.
Help comes from the ancient might;
just in time to win the fight.
Light consumes his battered soul
and returns once he is whole.
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Chapel of Blood -2-
Chapter Two
"Mia Smith, single mother of two daughters and resident succubus of New Orleans has vanished without a trace. Police found their home trashed and no sign of the women remained. So far, fingerprints and DNA have been inconclusive as to whom or what kidnapped them."
A mother and her children, Lina thought with a scowl. They've sunken low.
Lina watched as the news channel on the café television switched to a view of the inside of the destroyed house. Furniture moved from their places and toppled over, shards of glass and ceramic – glasses and dishes, perhaps – and the insides of cabinets strewn throughout the rooms.
They fought back – to no avail.

"With this the fifth paranormal vanishing this month, the country has come to expect more than just two of their own investigating," the camera, located at the front of the house—oddly untouched—panned to the left, where a short man the color of earth stood and waited patiently.
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Chapel of Blood -1-
Chapter One
The air should have been filled with the smells of harvest and ripening fruit, the sounds of bargaining and celebration.  There should have been flags waving, and the central square should have been consumed with merchant stalls.  The shouts should have been of children gleefully running from stall to stall, chasing each other or after their mothers.
Instead, the smells were of fire and fear, and the sounds of burning and anger.  No flags dared show their faces between the columns of smoke, and the central square had no interest in being host to bartering this day.  It and the village within it would be satisfied only when blood had stained its cobbles.  The center of it, the part where grass had been permitted to remain, was covered by a tall scaffold on which brush and firewood had been piled around the feet of a woman tied to a tall pole.
"I'm innocent!" she shrieked, but the only answer she got was a bloodthirsty roar fr
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Sibling Rivalry
           by my brother's
                    e t e r n a l
                              R A G E
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Chains of Conflict
Chapter One: Black & White
I sat on a bench near the park, scanning my colorless surroundings. Water cascaded from the sky in soft drops; the bulk of the rain passed and drifted towards the gutters in steady streams. Dead-center in the road, a puddle waited to lure unsuspecting victims into its depths. Aside from the occasional straggler, the city's inhabitants barricaded themselves in their homes. A little water and they ran scared, fleeing from nature.
Humanity no longer lived as they had many years before.
Priorities changed, lives varied and economy morphed while industry evolved. Technology. Whereas some considered it the greatest gift, others saw it as sin. It drove people inside and with each passing year, fewer and fewer children enjoyed the outdoors. New machines and tools were created and the cycle continued. Soon, everyone would distrust nature; it strayed from their sanctuary.
My lips curled into a distasteful frown that would make even the most successful criminal give me
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Random Favourites

Simba Semi-Realism by katanimate Simba Semi-Realism :iconkatanimate:katanimate 6,625 451
Daily Literature Deviations - March 30, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for March 30th, 2010
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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featured by: RunningBear5858

"Warmth" by pandachuu
A incredibly gorgeous poem telling
of the joys and great feeling of true
intimacy. With the romance described
as a dance, the way the author describes
things is both beautiful and playful,
but also incredibly sensual.
featured by: passingavery

"Suburban Blizzard"
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 44 7
Love Lit Issue Ten
Do You Have Points To Spare?
From one to one hundred thousand...if you had that many...ATrue is looking for points to go towards her Literary Fundraiser. Visit her mainpage for more information!
Introducing The Writing Prompt
Since my departure of Live-Love-Write I've decided to carry on with the writing prompts, but outside of the group. Therefore all writing prompts need to be submitted to this folder:
You have the whole of April to create your response to the prompt, and submit it ready for featuring! The best response will receive 250 points! (Deviantart Points :P )
This month, the prompt is fairly light, and it benefits other artists too! You need to pick a piece of art from this site, and write about it...write what it prompts inside of you. Prose/Poetry/Short Story. You Must put a thumb of the work that inspires you, in the comment box of your writing prompt
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 48 22
Daily Literature Deviations - March 29, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for March 29th, 2010
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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:star: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one of your pieces featured by DLD please note us. We will include you and your piece in a special recognition news article. :star:
Featured by the-photographicpoet

"Spring Forward" by metal-steffi
A uniquely structured poem where
the first stanza immediately sets out
the tone, as though the reader is listening
on the radio. The clever rhyming scheme
mixed with enjambment makes this poem
makes for a brilliantly unique and
fun readership.
featured by RunningBear5858

:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 51 5
What do you know about it?
A stone wall, a quivering pen,
It use to be an isle of solitary living,
Where you could be peacefully content with how life has worked out so far,
But it was never like that.
We were always on separate pieces,
How worthless of I,
To believe with sheer strength, pull these pieces together.
When the wall of living,
Was torn down with your looks,
With your words,
You made me believe, that we were meant to be.
So I took part,
I slowly crushed the walls erected by my own protection.
And then,
When I least expected it,
A menacing tear between our feet,
You on one side,
Me on the other.
It is dangerous,
I know,
To stand without these walls that have once protected me.
To keep feeling these spikes dig deeper.
I had always believed that feelings were always mutual,
That us guys were easy to see through,
That at any moment,
We could be trusted, that whatever we gave would be given in return.
It seems we were wrong,
We were all wrong.
How your life is nothing
:iconderekyu:derekyu 8 12
Your Phantom Lips
Everyday your lips
(they are phantoms of my misery)
graceful and soft like the fog,
sweet like the dew
they invite me to a dance.
their red velvet
the form of a great divinity.
without sense of
what's happening nor purpose
I caress them, steadfast in the idea.
I am a slave
to the release of energy,
and the wild forms of thought
that come after the kiss,
after this game of chase.
I have lost all sense of self-
lost it in the infinite space within your lips,
within the folds,
and within the dark beyond
of flesh and fluids.
My heart has transformed
to a form of a wild and hungry animal
in search for its prey,
running, chasing, ever-wild and uncivilized
for its sole goal and purpose.
Under the immense pressure
to satisfy as I have been satisfied,
fulfilled only by reality, never fantasy!
yet with eyes closed
all my senses remain acute
that I have indeed kissed
your phantom lips.
:iconjmtia:jmtia 2 5
Friday Feature.01
All Arts Feature

Colored Passion by MelbaMaliciousSF Postcard by o0oLUXo0oCosmic Murk by twelvemotionHana-bi by colo13waiting for spring love by Katari01:thumb153603001:Ice Cracks by slickwilly182:thumb158543278::thumb158526864:Blooming by JoseMelim
Flowers and Ribbons by ApplesCarrotsnGrain:thumb157548111:Garden of Eden by rpw353The Gears that Move us by Sea-of-Ice.:Maris:. by darkminako1children of haiti by detailfreakSHINE by MSA59crown vic by praduktLove and Pain by TheDarkRayne:thumb105938801:
Rhyme Of The Ancient Traveler by IrondoomDesign...there for you. by Griffin-Fire:thumb158479031:Redemption by Emerald-Depths:thumb156692532:The Gathering Storm by AzyniaEmerging by artorifreedomBeltane by ArjenHenryNew world by charlesvinh
Sakura Blossoms by SliceofcakeCelebrate the simple things by haertstitchBracelet: Sahara Bloom by Bright-CircleAll Souls' Day belt buckle by LonesomeRoadStudioGlass Tear Earring by Cherry-Plastik:thumb158374049::thumb158321424:Oriental Swirls by kreativlinkLineart boots? by JustDontAskBarbed Rosette - Front Right by monsterkookies
Feature Me Project
The Feature Me Project is a project from :devunknown---artists
:iconworldwar-tori:WorldWar-Tori 28 87
Getting your Art Noticed and some Features
deviantART is a vast sea of virtual self-expression, with millions of members and even more art, literature, and other types of creativity....all packaged in one vast community.
So how does one get noticed in such a place where the competition is so fierce?
It doesn't always happen quickly, but here are a few basic steps that can start you on your way:
Being a part of a group like :devuburried-treasures: is a great first step. But joining a Group or two in general is a great idea. Being a part of a Group allows you to interact with people who are interested in the same kinds of things you are. Those people will be more likely to be interested in the kind of Art you do, and will likely fav, comment, and critique it as a result. This creates a ripple effect in a virtual community. Because people who watch them, and like their work, will likely find yours pleasing as well.
Groups also provide great learning opportunities as many of them will feature tutorials on sp
:iconleeannekortus:LeeAnneKortus 28 14
Artistic Assortments Issue Seven
Community Competitions
:bulletblack:ObscuredPhotos's 'Love Life?' Contest
:bulletblack:All-Media's 'Spring Contest' Contest
:bulletblack:ProjectComment's 'An Image is Worth a Thousand Words' Contest
:bulletblack:LostKitten would like to bring to your attention :deviantHeart: and their new competition promoting the community. There are some amazing prizes so check it out here:
:bulletblack:VeilAlice's  "New Name Contest" Contest
:bulletblack:PhotographyWorld's "Group ID" Contest
:bulletblack:naturephotographer and :devdAlin
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 82 50
Easter Shenanigans!
With Easter just a week away, ProjectComment is hosting a variety of fun events leading up to Easter Sunday on April 4th. Although Easter in the real world is pretty commercialised now with just chocolate, eggs, and more, we must not forget that there is a meaning behind it, as well as the fact that it is a fun time if you want it to be (for all those that are not religious).
So, without any more time wasted, read this article and find out how you can participate in a Scavenger Hunt, Egg Hunt, Egg Decoration and a game involving numbers! There are prizes to be won, although it is the participation that counts (and the fun ensued!)
Scavenger Hunt
There will be a total of 10 clues and tasks for the Scavenger Hunt, but all of the clues lead to each other, so Clue 1 will lead to Clue 2, Clue 2 will lead to Clue 3, and so on. Each clue may lead to a specific place on ProjectComment, or it may include a task.
Once you think you have finished finding all of t
:icon3wyl:3wyl 73 32
Daily Literature Deviations for March 28, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for March 28th, 2010
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Featured by Iluvocnj2006

"A Little Box" by aHostileRainbow
Innocent, childlike and yet has a hint
of insanity to it; this poem is absolutely
worth reading, no doubt about it. The
rhyming scheme only makes it that much
more quirky. Lovely.
featured by hell-on-a-stick

"Escalades pt 2" by y0urstalker
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 49 4
THE LIT LIST: Issue No. 63
:bulletblue: Workshops from Critique-It, writeaway, and ScribeSanctuary.
:bulletblue: Contest from LOVE-Original-LIT.
:bulletblue: Leadership opportunities with PlumeWorks, devLIT, and TheUnheardVoices.
If you want to affiliate with The Lit List, please use this which will lead people to the most recent issue. Thank you!
Poetry Workshops
Comment for Comments from BleedingHeartsPoetry. Ongoing.   
Prose Workshops
Prose-R-Us's Workshop. Ongoing.
:new:Prose, A Fresh Perspective from Critique-It. Deadline Apr. 6, 2010.
General Workshops
:iconatrue:ATrue 23 3
Daily Literature Deviations - March 27, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for March 27th, 2010
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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featured by: RunningBear5858

"Never At Will" by thatspunkrock
A slightly terrifying poem telling
about something traumatizing happening
to the author. While the specific thing
is never mentioned, you can still feel
the fear and pain the author felt through
their haunting language and imagery.
featured by: dreamsinstatic

:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 54 4
Don't Use it... by EnshroudedVixen Don't Use it... :iconenshroudedvixen:EnshroudedVixen 97 135
OC-Contest! Win subs with 100%
The story "Himitsu no Mahou" is not mine, but I love the characters to bits and would love to set the focus on some underappreciated characters, maybe you'll help me share the love?
...and you heard right: in this contest it is possible to win a sub 100%! Read on to know what you have to do! All you need is enthusiasm and the will to draw OCs ♥ Any entry, regardless of style or skill-level will be loved and featured in both my journal and the group Himitsu-no-Mahou!
This contest features characters of Himitsu no Mahou written by AimaiLeafy
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: What you have to do: :star: :star: :star: :star: [Star!] [Star!]
You have three possibilities!
:iconHnMbellplz: First choice: Draw a "Himitsu no Mahou"-doujinshi (5-?? pg)
...the doujinshi has to have at least 5 pages. doesn't matter if it is done traditionally or digita
:icontekuu:Tekuu 5 0


Has it really been two years since I last wrote anything here? I guess it has. I've had a busy two years and have decided it's finally time for me to start inching my way back into the deviantArt community.

So, what have I been doing these past couple of years?

  • I moved from Europe back to the United States.
  • I've rekindled the relationship with the family that lived an ocean away before.
  • I went to Texas and Oklahoma on vacation with my two aunts and two cousins in the summer of 2013.
  • I worked fast food while saving up some money.
  • I went to my first convention - San Japan, in San Antonio, Texas, last summer.
  • I had surgery; my gallbladder was removed.
  • I got my driver's license.
  • I got a car.
  • I found a different job that lets me use my multilingual skills in customer service.
  • I got a gym membership.
  • I've written (and finished) two books and am starting a third one this week.
  • I started taking Japanese lessons last week.

It's been a busy time. And now I just have three weeks before I fly to San Antonio, Texas, for the yearly San Japan convention. Following that at the end of August, I'll be going to Pax Prime in Seattle, Washington!

Busy, busy time.

Now that I've finally fallen into a rhythm with my new job, writing, and everything else that's going on, I figured it's the right time to rejoin dA.

As of this moment, I'm not sure if I will be posting a lot of literature on my account. However, I will frequently post snippets of the book I'm working on over on my official blog. Feel free to follow me there:

WordPress Blog

I will consider sharing some of my literature on deviantArt as well, but it's something I am still considering.

The last thing I'd like to do is thank the people who consistently sent me messages of encouragement and asking how I've been, even if there was a delayed response - or even no response. I did check my messages every so often and those were little glimmers of light that kept me going through the hard times.

Thank you all so much. :heart:

Now, what have I missed?


Artist | Literature
United States
Brief Introduction
My name is Natasha, born on January 7th in 1993. I was born in Seattle, Washington, then spent most of my youth in The Netherlands and Germany before moving back to the US in 2013. I am fluent in English, Dutch and German, could most likely survive in French, and am currently studying Japanese.

My first and foremost passion is writing, whether it be poetry or prose. My writing ranges from dark, emotional to fantasy, to horror, and even to philosophical. Depending on my mood, I can write nearly anything.

Other Interests
Besides writing, I also draw on very rare occasions, and I do not limit my writing to only original works; I also enjoy writing fan fiction.
I'm extremely fond of the huge variety of languages in our world, which is why I study languages in my spare time. I currently am studying Japanese and would like to one day finish French.
I am also highly interested in Egypt, though my greatest interest goes to the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. I've begun reading about Egypt and it is a hobby I am extremely fond of. But don't be fooled: I love mythology in general, not just Egyptian mythology.

Aside from that, I am always willing to help fellow deviants by providing critiques on literature pieces, offering prize donations in contests, or just giving general advice.
If you ever need help, simply contact me via note. I don't bite. Much.

Favourite style of art: Literature
Personal Quote: Never stop dreaming, 'cause the day you stop dreaming, is the day you stop living...



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