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Our Goal

Emotions and feelings; both of these are a state of mind. While some emotions are common, others are more difficult and not so easily thought of. There are so many words that portray emotions that writers may not think of, or may not be able to portray. Not only words with different meanings, but multiple words with the same meanings, too.
Inspired by the A, B, C’s of Horror and the A, B, C’s of Literature, I have created this project to help writers learn these different words; learn them and then give them practice in portraying those emotions, those feelings and that state of mind. That is the goal of this project; to learn, create and improve.

The Project

Weekly editions will be released, each with emotions beginning with that week’s letter. Alongside the words, the definition will be included. The challenge will then be to take one (or multiple) of those emotions and portray them in a short story, or poem. Weekly submissions will then be featured alongside the words for the next edition. Sounds simple, right? Then let’s get to work!

Features: Z

ZealousNo one required a squeal of victory.
No upward tilted chin. No valiant roar.
No one asked her arms to sprawl outwards.
No tears to stream down her flushed cheeks.
No one required anyone to do that.
All did. All twenty-five.
All screeched in glory.
All sung out their efforts of hundreds of failures.
All finally culminated together in a sweet second.
Twenty-five randomly united people from different cultures,
Different perspectives,
Different educations,
Different homes,
One hundred percent understanding,
Of none of that, or any of that,
But united.
For one cause.
Bias had no place, for they had won the game.
The Release--ZNikoria took no more than ten steps forward when she suddenly lost control of her body.  She stood frozen between steps, her eyes wide, her weight perfectly balanced between her feet, one to the front and the other to the rear.  Her arms locked as they were, cradling Shade.  She tried to shift her eyes, seeking some variation in the sudden blackness all around her, but failed.  Her heart fluttered and her lungs jittered, but she could not open her mouth to breathe or shift her chest to allow the air in.
Something prowled around her, cat-footed and silent but for a quiet purring or growling.  Nikoria wasn't sure that she heard it, but unable to move or feel fear, she accepted the treatment.  And just as suddenly as she had been held, she was freed.  She wobbled, her balance lost, and fell to the side, but the darkness shifted to catch her.
There was a rumbling in the darkness before her.  Father—

Many thanks to everyone who suggested emotions throughout this article series! :heart:

Previous Editions
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y

Twenty-six articles portrayed the emotions from A to Z and texts befitting these emotions were written. Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you for making this project as successful as it was!

Now, only two articles remain. The series will end as July comes to a close. A showcase of the deviations created for the A, B, C’s of Emotions will be posted in two parts. Editions A through M on Friday the 22nd of July, with Editions N through Z following on Friday the 29th.

Suggestions for future projects can be sent either to Literary-Perceptions or Magic-fan via note :note:. All suggestions will be considered.

Thank you.

:iconliterary-perceptions: -- Taste the Flame.

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XD Don't worry. There will be future projects.
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