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Our Goal

Emotions and feelings; both of these are a state of mind. While some emotions are common, others are more difficult and not so easily thought of. There are so many words that portray emotions that writers may not think of, or may not be able to portray. Not only words with different meanings, but multiple words with the same meanings, too.
Inspired by the A, B, C’s of Horror and the A, B, C’s of Literature, I have created this project to help writers learn these different words; learn them and then give them practice in portraying those emotions, those feelings and that state of mind. That is the goal of this project; to learn, create and improve.

The Project

Weekly editions will be released, each with emotions beginning with that week’s letter. Alongside the words, the definition will be included. The challenge will then be to take one (or multiple) of those emotions and portray them in a short story, or poem. Weekly submissions will then be featured alongside the words for the next edition. Sounds simple, right? Then let’s get to work!

Features: H

Mature Content

Mature Content

The Release--HThe thing did not fight back; it almost seemed to not know how to do so, only how to laugh without sound and dance.  Nikoria's fury only increased on noticing this, despite the hurt in the eyes of the metal doll.  She continued to strike it, though her fists did no damage to its surface other than decorating it with her own blood.
The thing began to pull away from her, looking down and away from Nikoria's twisted face, but did not attempt to shield itself.  A clattering sound began behind the pair, and Nikoria wheeled around to face it.  She screamed a challenge towards it, feet planted shoulder-width apart, bloodied fists clenched, and head thrown back.
And the clattering answered, once again behind her.  Nikoria relaxed her pose, and turned around, slowly, watching out the corner of her eye for something, anything which might make such a sound.  But behind her, there was only the metal thing which she had tried to destroy, t

Mature Content

The A, B, C’s of Emotions: I

- Infatuated: possessed by a foolish or extravagant passion for another person
- Intelligent/Ingenious: quick to understand; clever and resourceful; bright or gifted
- Insane: not of sound mind; mentally deranged; utterly senseless, foolish or irrational
- Impatient: not calm; having a lack of patience
- Indifferent/Impartial: without interest or concern; not caring, disinterested
- Inferior: lower in position, rank, degree or grade
- Insecure: subject to fear or doubt; not self-confident or assured
- Irked/Irritated: annoyed or exasperated; provoked
- Irate/Infuriated: angry or enraged; extremely angry
- Irrational/Illogical: deprived of reason; unreasonable
- Inept: generally awkward or clumsy; inappropriate or unsuitable; without skill
- Insincere: not honest; deceitful
- Impulsive/Intuitive: swayed by emotional impulses
- Ignorant: lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned; uninformed or unaware
- Inconsolable: unable to be comforted or consoled; disconsolate

Many thanks to DorianHarper, D-E-M-Emrys, Quickblade, LadyofGaerdon, OverRated-Elegance, iCheddar, Saysa, EclecticQuill, KyuutenHeki, SoftlySweptAway, DevilsDynamite666 and ablessingandacurse for suggesting emotions to be used in this edition! :heart:

Previous Editions
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H

Submissions may be submitted into Literary-Perceptions’s gallery folder The ABC’s of Emotions. Submissions should mention in the author’s comments which edition it is for and which emotion(s) was/were used in the piece in question.

All questions can be sent to Magic-fan via note, or left as a comment. You do not have to be a member to participate. If you have any suggestions for emotions for later editions, feel free to send them to Magic-fan via note!
Edition J will be announced Friday, March 11th! Let’s learn, create and improve!

:iconliterary-perceptions: -- Taste the Flame.

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wow, this actually helps...

Life, and writing.
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I'm glad it does! :aww:
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